Education Department Orders Daily Attendance Of Vaccinated Staff In Offices, Details Here

The School Education Department Tuesday ordered that all the vaccinated teaching staff of the institutions should attend their respective institutions while the schools and coaching centres would continue to remain closed for offline academic activities.


The order in this regard has been issued by the Principal Secretary School Education Department, Bishwajit Kumar Singh.




“All schools including coaching centres should continue to remain closed for onsite and in-person teaching till further orders,” the order reads.


The order comes after a review meeting of the prevailing situation pertaining to the spread of Covid-19 across J&K.




The government has stated that all the vaccinated staff should attend the office while the digital education programmes like Vidalaya or e-Gash, and e-resources of the Ministry of Education Government of India “anytime anywhere learning” in addition to tele and radio classes should continue.


“A detailed survey report on the impact of these classes should be submitted weekly to the concerned heads,” the order reads.



It states that the community classes should be taken regularly by the academic staff including the teachers as per the prescribed guidelines in all feasible areas including Kashmir and Jammu division.


“Daily reporting of academic work including community classes or homework for online classes by the Directors of School Education Department should be submitted regularly,” the order reads.


However, the department has asked the teachers to promote planting of plants by the students and teachers in specific areas wherever possible.


However, a group of teachers questioned the government for asking teachers to attend their schools amid complete suspension of offline classes.


“It serves no purpose to send teachers to schools on a daily basis. There cannot be any official work every day. Going to school every day without students seems illogical,” a teacher said.


The teachers said that the government should either open educational institutions for students to resume formal schooling or allow teachers to concentrate on online teaching from their homes.


“Travelling to schools from one place to another disturbs the daily routine of online classes,” the teacher said. Another teacher said that the teachers were not meant to clean up all the financial mess accumulated in schools under various SAMGRA heads.


“If the community classes are going on well within the boundaries of the schools what is wrong in officially resuming offline classes for all students,” the teachers said.


“There isn’t 100 percent adherence to Covid-19 SoPs in community classes. So the government should formally resume offline class work for the students. We teachers are fed up with online teaching. We want kids back at school,” the teacher said.