Employees Will Get 2 Big Gifts Again! Salary Will Increase By More Than 20000, Know What Is The Latest

 Employees will get 2 big gifts again! Salary will increase by more than 20000, know what is the latest update


When DA will cross 50 percent and then HRA will become 30%, 20% and 10%, this will give a benefit of about Rs 20000 in salary.


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7th pay commission: There is good news for central government employees. After the gift of 34% dearness allowance and 3 months arrears, the salary can increase once again. According to media reports, after DA, central employees can also get the benefit of House Rent Allowance and Travel Allowance.


This increase can be done up to 3 percent. If this happens, then the salary will increase by about 35 thousand. However, so far no statement or official confirmation has been made by the government in this matter.


According to media reports, after increasing the dearness allowance of central employees by 3 percent, now the Modi government can increase the House Rent Allowance. At present, central employees are getting HRA at the rate of 27%, 18% and 9% according to the categories.


The HRA of government employees living or working in class X cities may increase by 3 percent, at present these 27% HRA is available. The same can be increased by 2 percent for Y category cities, which get 18-20 percent HRA and for Z category cities, 1 percent HRA can be increased, which are currently getting HRA at the rate of 9-10 percent. Is.


In fact, after the increase in DA, the possibility of increasing HRA has also increased. Since last year in July 2021, DA was increased to 28 percent and then HRA was revised even after DA crossed 25%.


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Now since the DA of central employees has increased from 31% to 34% after 3 percent increase, it is expected that soon the house rent allowance can also be increased by 3%, but this will happen when DA will cross 50 percent and then HRA will become 30%, 20% and 10%, this will give a benefit of up to Rs 20000 in salary.


According to DoPT, revision in House Rent Allowance (HRA) of central employees. It is done on the basis of dearness allowance. However, when this will happen, it has not been confirmed.


According to media reports, travel allowance can be increased like house rent allowance. Travel Allowance is divided into 3 sections on the basis of pay matrix level, in which cities and towns are divided into two classes.


Its calculation formula is Total Transport Allowance = TA + [(TA x DA% )\/100] . In TPTA cities, TPTA for Level 1-2 is Rs 1350, for Level 3-8 employees Rs 3600 and for Level 9 above it is Rs 7200. For cities with higher transport allowance, level 9 and above employees are given transport allowance of Rs 7,200 plus dearness allowance.


The same TA allowance of Rs 3,600 and DA for other cities, employees in Level 3 to 8 get 3,600 plus DA and 1,800 plus DA for Level 1 and 2 along with Rs 1,350 and dearness allowance for first class cities, while others Rs 900 plus DA for cities -Grade employees get it. This can also increase.