From tea seller to IAS officer, meet Himanshu Gupta who cleared UPSC with AIR 304

Hardwork and determination are the two paths that can lead towards success. Himanshu Gupta’s story serves as evidence that if you are adamant about succeeding, no amount of hardship can stop you. Every year, millions of candidates apply to take the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations 2022, but only a small number pass the top test.



Himashu Gupta’s UPSC success story is incredibly motivating. Himanshu Gupta, an IAS officer who once worked at a tea shop and is from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, overcame all obstacles to pass the UPSC exam. Himanshu took the UPSC exam three times, and despite not receiving any coaching, he was able to achieve a 304th-rank in 2019.



Himanshu once used to serve tea at his father’s shop, which used to be a small-scale tea stall. Himanshu read newspapers in his spare time and studied for the UPSC exam while working at the tea shop. Hindu College, Delhi University, is where Himanshu received his graduate degree.



Himanshu recalled that I t was the first time Himanshu had ever been to a big city. Himanshi received a good job following his graduation from Hindu College, but he chose to prepare for the UPSC civil services. In order to support his family, Himanshu later worked as a research scholar at a government college.


Himanshu passed the UPSC exam on his first try, but because of his poor performance, he chose to retake the test. Another success story involves Vaibhav Chabbra, who, despite failing the engineering test eight times in the past, secured 32nd place in the 2018 UPSC IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam..