JKBOSE Reduces syllabus by 30% for classes 10th, 11th & 12th

JKBOSE Reduces syllabus by 30% for classes 10th, 11th & 12th



It is notified for information of all the concerned that, in view of prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic, students appearing in the forthcoming Annual (Regular) Examinations of 2020-21 of classes 10h, 11th, and 12th of Kashmir Division/Winter Zone areas of Jammu Division and UT of Ladakh and Annual (Regular) Examination 2021-22 in Summer Zone areas of Jammu Division, are hereby informed that they shall have to attempt 70% marks from the question paper which shall be treated as 100% for result computation thereby a resultant concession of 30%. it is to clarify that:



1- The question papers will be set from the entire syllabus prescribed for the session. However, the students shall have to attempt questions having weightage of 70% marks instead of attempting all the questions. Marks obtained by students who attempt less than 70% from the question paper shall be raised proportionately.


2- For subjects having no practical course, the question paper shall be of 100 marks and the student has to attempt questions with a total of 70 marks. However, for such subjects which have both theory and

practical components, the concession will apply to theory part only.


3- The time allotted for attempting the question papers during examination has been reduced proportionately. Accordingly, the papers having 3 Hrs duration shall be having only 2.30 hrs time period for attempting the questions. Likewise subjects having 2.30 hrs and 2.00 hrs duration shall be having only 2.10 hrs and 1.40 hrs time period for attempting the questions during examination.


4- In case of subjects having practical portion in respect of Class 11th & 12th the external assessment shall be conducted before the start of theory Examination and in this regard notification shall be issued. separately.




1  The candidate can attempt any number of questions carrying 70 percent marks from the entire question paper. The students can attempt questions from any section of their choice and there shall be no binding to attempt the same from a particular section only.


2- Questions having internal choice will not be considered two separate questions. The students shall have to attempt only one of the questions.


3 Subjects like Physics, Chemistry etc that have a practical component of 30 marks and theory question paper of 70 marks, the students shall attempt 49 marks of theory (70% of 70 marks only), which will be raised to 100% i.e. 70 marks.


4 In case of Multiple Choice Type Questions (MCQs), each MCQ attempted by the candidate shall be marked individually. The same shall be applied to the Grammar portion, in case of language subjects. For example, a candidate attempting 3 MCQs out of 10 shall be awarded 3 out of 3 instead out of 10.


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