Little innovator from Kulgam develops multitasking fire alert machine

Little innovator from Kulgam develops multitasking fire alert machine


Seeks assistance from govt to pursue his dream of innovation

Kulgam, Feb 12 : Coming from an economically modest background, a class 3 student has designed a multitasking machine to provide timely alerts for fire and gas leak and illuminate 20 bulbs.

Momin Ishaq Teli of Munad Gufan village in Kulgam told people typically use Kangri (a traditional firepot) and traditional Bukhari heaters to stay warm during winters, increasing the risk of mishaps.

The 12-year-old said that the machine comprises a heat controller, sensors, humidity meter and some home improvisations, including an old TV set’s box.

“The machine utilises a fan pipe to remove gas or fog from the room and it is a rechargeable machine,” he said.

The little innovator said that it took him around four to five months to complete the project and he aspires to develop more machines like this in the future that can benefit society.

“So far, I have developed three machines including a multifunctional freezer, cooler, room warmer and a refrigerator. An egg incubator that can hatch up to 50 eggs at once, and now a latest multitasking machine which prevents fires and gas leaks,” he said.

But the innovation has not been easy as his poor background hinders him to pursue his innovations.

“The government should come forward and help me so that I can contribute much more in the future,” he added.

His father, Mohammad Issaq Teeli said that for the last few years his son has developed three machines so far.

“Despite our financial challenges, I am striving to fulfil all his dreams of becoming a skilled innovator so that he can contribute to society,” he said.

Teli said that the government should step forward to assist talented youth, including his son, as it would empower them further.