Sopore Girl’s invention of Solar-Powered Ship an inspiration to many

KashmirSopore Girl’s invention of Solar-Powered Ship an inspiration to many

Sopore Girl’s invention of Solar-Powered Ship an inspiration to many


Sopore Girl’s invention of Solar-Powered Ship an inspiration to many


Noor Mohi-ud-din


Baramulla: Mufeera Majeed Khuroo, a talented 12th grade student hailing from Doabgah village of north Kashmir’s Sopore is on the verge of achieving a remarkable feat as she is designing a ship that works both on solar as well as steam energy.



Undeterred by personal obstacles that prevented her from continuing her education after completing 12th grade, Mufeera’s unwavering passion for physics sparked an idea that she transformed into a tangible reality through relentless effort and perseverance.



Having spent a year and a half working on her ambitious project, Mufeera has shattered the notion that groundbreaking innovations are exclusively reserved for highly qualified individuals.


Drawing inspiration from a solar light that she had at home, Mufeera conceived the idea of a solar ship.


Intrigued by the possibilities, she began her journey of designing a ship that would harness the power of the sun to provide sustainable and cost-effective transportation.



“My interest in physics motivated me to take action, and the concept of a solar ship became my driving force,” Mufeera told Rising Kashmir.


Supported wholeheartedly by her family, especially her father, she embarked on her innovative venture.


“Undeterred by setbacks and obstacles, I tirelessly worked on my creation, combining solar and steam energy to ensure its optimal functionality,” she added. Reflecting on her research and development process, Mufeera said,


“I spent considerable time understanding the charging mechanisms, and that led me to implement solar and steam energy systems in the ship. After conducting extensive research, I discovered numerous other ideas that I hope to implement in the future.”



Turning her vision into reality required immense dedication, and it took Mufeera Khuroo nearly two years to complete the solar-powered ship.


Eager to share her achievement and gain recognition, she approached various institutions seeking support and acknowledgment.


“Unfortunately, I faced disappointment as my efforts received a cold response, with no appreciation for her ingenuity.


I request the administration to assist me in this project so that my project can be a reality and the ship will have a smooth sail,” she further said.


With the ship fully functional and capable of accommodating up to four individuals, she believes her creation has the potential to revolutionize water transport in the region.


In her plea, Mufeera emphasized the significance of renewable energy and highlighted her project’s capacity to contribute to a more sustainable future. (Rising Kashmir)