Transparent recruitment in Govt jobs: LG Sinha

Transparent recruitment in Govt jobs: LG Sinha



Execution of cost effective dev projects, mass construction of roads, highways


Speaking in the conclave, the LG said that in 2019-20, Jammu and Kashmir administration has completed more than 21,000 projects after spending only Rs 63,000 crores.


“Executing more projects with comparatively less expenditure is what has changed in J&K,” he said.


Giving details about the recruitment of youth, the LG said, “11000 candidates have secured government jobs in the most fair and transparent recruitment process in the history of J&K.”


He further added that the average income of farmers in J&K is around Rs 19000, which is fifth highest in the country.


Highlighting the achievements made in the road construction works, Sinha said that in road construction, three years back J&K used to be at 11th, 12th in the whole country, while in the last two years, J&K has graduated to 3rd place achieving road construction 2.5 times the previous years.


“Last year we macadamised 5600 kms and this year we will complete 8000 kms. Besides, 25 national Highways are under construction in J&K,” the LG said.


Sinha also spoke about the domestic flights in J&K and said that international flights to Sharjah also started from Srinagar.


Speaking about the power sector, the maximum realized power potential was only 3500MW, with new power projects we are doubling it in next 5 years to move towards self sufficiency in the sector.


Giving details about the health sector, the LG said that J&K had only 3 medical colleges. “Now 7 new Medical colleges have been established, 2 new AIIMS, 2 new Cancer Institutes, besides many nursing colleges have come up,” he said.


About the New Industrial Policy, Sinha said that the proposed investment that the government has already received has crossed Rs. 31,000 Cr, twice what was expected, besides, proposals worth Rs.15000 Cr have already been approved.


The LG Sinha said tourist footfall has increased manifold in the UT during winter months.


“From 1935 tourists in June 2020, the number increased to 1282572 in September 2021. The winter season witnessed 100% high-end-hotel occupancy in Srinagar and at prominent tourist destinations,” he said.


Overall, People of J&K want Peace, Prosperity and Growth.


Besides the developmental works, the LG said reservation benefits have also percolated to all eligible communities who remained deprived for a long time.


He said that certain communities of J&K (Khatri, mahajans etc) were not allowed to purchase agriculture land, that has been changed now, besides, Forest Rights Act implemented in toto.


LG said that the Domicile rights to women were restored and marginalised communities are being brought into mainstream.


About the political roadmap for J&K, Sinha said, “Home Minister during his recent J&K visit has already announced that elections will be held after the Delimitation exercise culminates and then after Statehood will be restored.”


The LG said, “Only Parliament can restore statehood. Both the Prime Minister and the Home minister have spoken on this issue in detail in Parliament and to the country..


When asked about the dialogue with Pakistan, the UT administration and GoI has a clear cut policy of engaging with the citizens of J&K.


“J&K is an integral part of our country and there is no question of engaging with any third party,” he said.


Speaking about the action taken against employees linked to terror activities, “No government jobs and facilities for anyone who is even remotely associated with terrorists and terror activities.”


On Independence day, the LG said that Tricolor was hoisted for the first time in all schools, colleges, panchayats across Kashmir.


On Kashmiri Pandit rehabilitation and recent killings, “PM employment package implemented fully. 6000 jobs almost filled. Out of 6000 houses, 3500 houses under construction, rest within a year.


“Encroached migrant properties are restored to original owners across the valley.


On civilian killings, the LG said “the civilian killings were the result of frustration, reaction to growing peace, progress, prosperity and normalcy in the valley.


“We have eliminated all those who were responsible for civilian killings as I had promised. Work on to eliminate the entire terrorism ecosystem. Our strategy is not to eliminate terrorists only but demolish the entire terror ecosystem.


The LG also assured that the full freedom and security has been provided for conducting political activities.


“Constitution of India gives freedom to everyone. All political parties participated in the last DDC elections