Ukrainian President Zelensky makes an emotional appeal to Russians

Ukrainian President Zelensky makes an emotional appeal to Russians


Amid the threat of an invasion and assault, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke directly to the people of Russia and made an emotional appeal. He warned them of what could “become the start of a big war on the European continent.” In a video address, Zelensky told the people that the Kremlin had approved the movement of nearly 2,00,000 forces into the border area.


“The whole world is saying this can happen any day now. The trigger can appear any minute. You are being told this fire will free the Ukrainian people. But Ukrainian people are free,” he said in his address in Russian. He added, “Ukraine in your news and Ukraine, in reality, are two different countries. Their main difference between them is that ours is real.”


He said, “I believe that Russia should be among those countries that provide clear security guarantees. I have many times suggested that the President of Russia sit down at the negotiating table and speak.”


Rejecting accusations that Ukrainians were neo-Nazis and hated Russian culture, he said, “You are being told we are Nazis. How can a nation that gave 8 million lives to combat Nazism support it? How can I be a Nazi? Tell my grandpa about that.”


“You are being told we hate the Russian culture? How can someone hate culture? Any culture? Neighbours always enrich one another culturally, but that does not make them one, does not dissolve us in you. We are different. But it is not a reason to be enemies,” he said.


He concluded his appeal by saying, “We want to determine our history by ourselves. In peace, calm and honesty.”


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