Cluster University Srinagar Admission Updation Notification


Cluster University Srinagar Notification

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No. Exam/Internal/CUS/21 Dated: 21-05-2021


Admission Updation Notification

 It has been observed that the colleges have not updated their admission details of U.G

2nd, 4th, 6th and I.G 7th Semesters except Govt. College for Women M.A. Road. 

This has become the impediment in uploading the internal awards. To ease out the process, the

University has framed a following link:



which is also available on the University website through which students can themselves update their admission details.

 It is impressed upon all the Principals to direct the concerned to share this link in the

WhatsApp group of the students so that they are able to update their subject combinations.

Further, the officials dealing with the admission be directed to update the admission details in

consultation with concerned DEOs of the University, which shall pave a way to concerned faculty for uploading the internal awards. 

TheSd/-Controller Examinations

Copy to:

1. Dean Academic Affairs Cluster University Srinagar.

2. All Principals of Constituent and Affiliated Colleges for information.

3. All Deans CUS for information

4. PRO to Vice Chancellor for information of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.