Fresh Weather Update Weatherman issues ‘orange alert’ in Kashmir

Rains, snowfall to intensify in coming days’: Weatherman issues ‘orange alert’ in Kashmir

Keep power back up, don’t venture out in avalanche prone areas’.

Srinagar, Jan 4: The Srinagar office of the Meteorological Department on Tuesday issued an ‘orange alert’ in Kashmir saying the prevalent rains and snowfall are expected to intensify in coming days.


The orange alert, though a less severe warning than ‘Red’, is meant to alert the authorities to be prepared for severe weather.


The alert comes a day after the weatherman issued an advisory for rains and snowfall in J&K till January 9 with the weather system likely to cause disruption of surface traffic and trigger snow avalanche in vulnerable higher reaches.



“As expected, weather is overcast in both J&K with widespread light rain/snow and moderate snow over higher reaches,” an official of the MeT office said in a statement.


As per the Srinagar MET office, the present weather is likely to intensify as the day progresses with moderate snow and rain expected in plains and heavy snowfall over higher reaches with main activity likely at late Tuesday night and on Wednesday in both Kashmir and Jammu.


In view of the impending bad weather, the MET office urged people not to venture out on avalanche and landslide prone areas, unless extremely necessary.


“Keep power/light back up( in case of power failure),” the MET office said in the handout while urging motorists to drive “very slowly and in low gear while driving on snow bound area.”